Friday, December 5, 2008

White Chocolate Pretzels

Another care package favorite!

White Chocolate Pretzels
Courtesy of my own imagination

1 bag mini pretzels - shape of your choice
2-3 packages of white melting chocolate - sometimes called Almond Bark
Colored sugar or other decorating pieces of your choice

Lay out some long sheets of waxed paper in an area where the candy can cool for an hour or two. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler. I usually do one package at a time and make more when I need it. If you melt it in the microwave - do it in one minute incriments and stir between each cycle... it will burn quickly - so don't stop watching it.

Take a few pretzels and drop them in the bowl with the melted chocolate, use a fork to take them out. Tap the fork on the side of your bowl and lay each pretzel on the wax paper to try. I usually coat 5 or so pretzels - then sprinkle them with colored sugar, candy sprinkles or any other confectionary decoration. As the white chocolate cools it will get harder and harder for the decorations to stick... so do this quickly.

Let them cool - then enjoy! Everyone will think you're a genius!
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