Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lost Recipe

Lost Recipe
Courtesy of my grandmother, Meme

1 package lemon jello (could use Sugar Free)
1 large can of black cherries, drain and set juice aside
1 large package of cream cheese
3/4 pint whip cream, whipped with a little sugar or Splenda added
1 cup pecans

Heat the juice from the cherries to boiling, dissolve jello in the juice. Cool. Add cream cheese and mash with fork until creamy before adding whipped cream. Add pecans. Place cherries in mold or dish in a single layer. Pour mixture on top, and chill for several hours.

Dip the mold or dish in warm water to loosen it from the sides of the dish, and turn out on a serving platter or plate. When serving the cherries should be on top for a nice presentation.
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